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My name is Akiff and I’m a resident physician in internal medicine with a background in health tech. I have lots of interests outside of medicine (tech, programming, filmmaking etc.) and am using this blog as a place to write about them. Like medicine, creative pursuits take time and to me they are really all about the long game (hence the name of the newsletter).

If you’re also someone with lots of different interests and are trying to incorporate each one of them somehow into your busy life, maybe you’ll enjoy what I write. As much as the advice to growing is to niche down, I couldn’t really get myself to do that so this is what we have. If this sounds up your alley, feel free to subscribe and join me in this journey!

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I'm a resident physician with lots of interests. I write about tech, healthcare, and creative pursuits.


Internal Medicine resident interested in tech, healthcare, data, and creative pursuits. Ex-data @oscarhealth and @dropbox